The Cocktail Inspired by a Sugar Scrub

Sugar scrub cocktail from Farmhouse38.comSo…..because this idea formed in my pea brain while I was concocting a fun little sugar scrub, we are going to go ahead and name this cocktail….you guessed it!–The Sugar Scrub.

Allrighty then.

You will need:

–2 oz. fresh squeezed and strained grapefruit juice

–1 oz. coconut-flavored rum

–1/2 oz. dark rum

–3/4 oz. simple syrup

–1 teaspoon rosewater

–granulated sugar for the rim (or sugar crystal sprinkles, like I used)

–grapefruit peel for garnish

Rim your glass with sugar or sprinkles, then fill it with ice.  Mix all wet ingredients together well in a shaker, pour over your ice, then garnish with a bit of grapefruit peel.  Enjoy your bathtub cocktail.

P.S.  Don’t you love my adorable chicken napkins!?  A sweet little gift from a friend (thanks, Susan!!) :-)

Sugar Scrub cocktail from

Bathtubs and Sugar Scrubs

Bathtubs and sugar scrubs from

She was running a couple of weeks behind schedule, but the Birthday Fairy got it done.  She Got.  It.  Done.  After five excruciating years, I finally have my bathtub.

The original master bathroom at

How the master bathroom looked when we bought our house. I don’t even want to talk about what we found in the cabinets. So I won’t.

Let’s take a little stroll down memory lane, shall we?

The post-renovation master bathroom at

The sink side of the master bath after our renovation.

Waiting on a tub.

Sadly, the space for the intended tub sat vacant for a couple of years….taunting me mercilessly with what should be.

And finally….FINALLY!  Behold:

Long-awaited master bathtub at

My long-awaited, much anticipated, official favorite spot in the house.

Due to some pretty tight space constraints, we wound up choosing a tub that is pretty modern in design (despite heavily considering a clawfoot, and at one point even a metal horse trough), but with that antique-looking faucet, I think it works pretty seamlessly in our ‘modern farmhouse’.  It’s a good, deep soak….existentially deep, which makes up for the fact that it isn’t the longest tub in the world (ah, tiny bathrooms).  But, yes….yes, I think I will keep it.

So in honor of our newest, most cherished family member, I decided to post a lovely little recipe for a homemade sugar scrub (something I have been dying to make, but refused, like a petulant child, to make it to use in the shower).

With so much grapefruit in the yard right now, you know it had to be a bit grapefruit-y:

Fresh Grapefruit, Coconut, Rose Scrub:

–1 cup superfine sugar

–2 tablespoons heated virgin organic coconut oil

–1 tablespoon rose water

–1/4 teaspoon fresh grapefruit zest

Start by zesting your grapefruit.  The ones from my tree are the yellow variety (Oro Blanco), but this would work just as well with Ruby Red or something good and pink.


Grapefruit coconut sugar scrub from Farmhouse38.comNext, you want to scoop your hardened coconut oil into a microwave-safe dish.Grapefruit coconut oil sugar scrub from


Microwave it for approx. 30 seconds or until it looks like this:Bathtubs and sugar scrubs from


Now mix your sugar, oil, rosewater, and zest all into a paste–you want it moist, but not soupy.  If it’s too moist, add a bit more sugar to dry it up.  It should look a little something like this:


Sugar scrub from Farmhouse38.comFind a pretty jar to put it in and fill-er-up.

Grapefruit coconut sugar scrub from

FYI: not really sure how long this might be good for because of the grapefruit peel. Use your best judgment. If it smells funny or turns wonky colors, don’t use it. To make a version of this that probably lasts a bit longer, substitute a drop or two of grapefruit essential oil in place of the grapefruit zest.


Okay, so as I was making this….I got to thinking….this would make a really interesting cocktail.  So, yes….this happened:Sugar scrub cocktail from

See the recipe here.

So I ask you this?  How bad is it, on a scale from one to awesome, that I was mixing cocktails at 10:30 am on a Tuesday?  Just wondering.

Rose and Vanilla Bean Crème Brûleé

Rose and vanilla bean crème brûleé from Farmhouse38.comJust in the nick of time for Valentine’s Day, am I right?  Rose flavoring in food is not everyone’s cup of tea, but let me tell you something….I adore it.  I love roses, I love the smell of roses, and I am quite content to put all of that loveliness in my mouth.  And then, of course, this is crème brûleé, which is something that I do not possess the will or desire to say ‘no’ to, ever.

For this recipe, you will need:

-2-1/2 cups heavy cream

-1 whole vanilla bean

-2 tablespoons rose water

-7 large egg yolks

-1/2 cup granulated sugar

-approx. 6 additional tablespoons of granulated sugar for the brûleé-ing

-fresh rose petals for garnish

Start by preheating your oven to 325 degrees (F).  Put six ramekins (6oz size) into a roasting pan.  Set this aside.  If you intend to heat water on the stove to use for the ramekins’ hot water bath, do that now (I usually just use hot water straight out of the tap).

Split your vanilla bean and place it in a medium saucepan, along with the cream and the rose water, and turn the heat on medium.  Warm the cream mixture slowly, until bubbles form around the edge of the pot.  Remove it from the heat and let it ponder life while you go to your mixer.

Whisk together the sugar and egg yolks until the mixture begins to thicken and turn slightly lighter in color.

Strain the cream mixture and then VERY slowly, add it in bits to the egg/sugar mixture.  If you do this too fast, your eggs will scramble and it will all be for naught.  When everything is blended, divide the mixture evenly amongst your six ramekins.  Fill the baking dish about halfway with scalding, hot water from the tap (or from your pot of boiled water).

Carefully place the baking dish on the middle rack of your oven and bake for 35-45 minutes or until the custard is set around the edges and just wiggles a little in the center.  Remove them from the oven, remove the ramekins from the water bath, and let them cool to room temp.  Refrigerate them for a couple of hours (or up to three days).

When you are ready to serve them, remove them from the fridge and immediately coat the entire surface of each custard with a good layer of granulated sugar (about 1 tbs.).  Using a kitchen torch, gently melt the sugar, rolling it around a bit to coat the whole surface.  Let it cool and harden, embellish with rose petals, and then serve.

Enjoy!Rose and vanilla bean crème brûleé from

Rose and vanilla bean crème brûleé from

 Rose and vanilla bean crème brûleé from