About Farmhouse38.comThis is me:

Kate Richards of Farmhouse38.com and KateRichards.com

Mixed media artist. Writer. Cocktail aficionado. Aquarian. Suburban farmer. Smart-ass.

This is the husband:

The Texan of Farmhouse38.com

Inside joke.

Known in these parts as ‘The Texan’. Television editor. Beer-drinker. Weekend warrior. The most patient man on the planet.

This is US:

The brains and beauty behind Farmhouse38.com . And also my husband.

The elusive double duckface.

The Texan and I both dream of living on a big piece of property, way out in the country. But the reality is that his career in television post-production keeps us tethered to Southern California, so we have become quite proficient in the art of make-believe. We do what we can with this little farmhouse on our little piece of suburban land. That includes a lot of DIY renovations, sustainable gardening/suburban farming, and chicken-wrangling sometimes peppered with some colorful language. In the middle of it all, I manage to churn some art out of my studio barn when I’m not distracting myself with decorating, gardening, and craft projects. I leave a lot of glitter everywhere. A lot. This has caused the Texan to take up muttering things under his breath like: “Why is there glitter on the driveway?” Welcome to our life.