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DIY glittered found feather art from

DIY Glittered Found Feather Art

Sooooooo, I’m a feather hoarder. I suppose this may be a side effect of chicken keeping. Every morning when I go to let the girls out, I collect whatever good-looking feathers I find sitting on the ground. When it’s molt season, good lawd, I come out of the chicken garden with a ton of feathers. […] Read more…

DIY Tillandsia Wreath from

DIY Tillandsia Wreath

Oh, how I love tillandsias! After making off with a boatload of them from my recent trip to Reno (thanks again, Sierra Water Gardens!), I knew immediately that I wanted to make a wreath with some of them. It would be very easy to start with a craft store grapevine wreath. Very easy, indeed. But I […] Read more…

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